Merlin Guide: Intro to Merlin

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Welcome to Part 1 in our Merlin Guide. Today we will be introducing you to our personal favourite hair care brand, Merlin by Curzon International. Stay tuned for next week’s post, where we will be teaching … Read More

The Importance of a Skin Test

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A skin test is a must for every colour customer. Our customers’ health and comfort are our first priority; doing a colour service without a skin test would put our customers at risk, which we will never … Read More

All About L’Oreal Smartbond


Gone are the days when colouring our hair meant we had to accept the consequences — weak, dry, unhealthy hair. Introducing L’Oreal Smartbond — a product we use to help keep our customer’s hair strong, healthy, … Read More

Welcome to Matt: Our New Style Director

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If you managed to catch our recruitment video last month, you will have seen we’ve been on the lookout for some incredible people to join our team. We have had dozens of fantastic applicants, and we will continue … Read More

Happy Valentines Day


Who are you spending this Valentines Day with? Ah, the dreaded Day of Love. For generations, 14 February was an occasion full of stress and concern. Young children wrote out Valentineses for their classmates and agonized over … Read More