Merlin Guide: Intro to Merlin

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Welcome to Part 1 in our Merlin Guide. Today we will be introducing you to our personal favourite hair care brand, Merlin by Curzon International. Stay tuned for next week’s post, where we will be teaching you how to wash your hair using these products.

Great hair is good science. You may not think of it, but in order to give a customer his or her best hair cut or colour, it is important to know the structure of hair, what angle to cut it at, the ratio of tint to peroxide, the salt content of hair, the pH level of your shampoos… and all of that is science.

Merlin is a UK-based brand created by a hairdresser for hairdressers who value the science of great hair. Each product in the Merlin range has been carefully crafted by owner and ‘International Hair Wizard’, John Curzon. They address your individual hair concerns, using the latest in science and art. Whether your hair is dry, weak, chemically damaged, limp, or you’re dealing with scalp issues, there is a Merlin product to help you re-build, re-strengthen, and repair your hair.

At Ross Charles we carry three types of products from the Merlin range: shampoos, treatments, and conditioners. Each bottle has been formulated for a specific purpose and intensity — to moisturize, to re-build, or to strengthen. But even though each bottle has its particular purpose, all ingredients are natural, organic, and low on the pH scale — all very important to maintain healthy feeling and looking hair.


Shampoos remove the dirt, oil, styling products, etc., that have built up on your scalp and hair since your last shampoo. During that process, it also opens the hair cuticle, the scaly outer layer of your hair that surrounds the core of your hair. When selecting a shampoo, it is important to find one that has a low pH, that is silicone-free and filler-free, and that is specially suited to your hair type.


Treatments are an optional step used in between the shampoo and the conditioner that many people forget or don’t think that they need. The word ‘treatment’ can mean many different things, and has been used to describe everything from intense conditioners to the many oils, elixirs, and procedures designed to improve your hair. Merlin treatments work on the inside of your hair to repair any damage or deficiency — that is why they must be used after the shampoo but before the conditioner, when the cuticle is open to allow the treatment to enter the cortex.


Conditioners (called sealers in the Merlin line) are the final step in your hair washing routine. It works by sealing those cuticle scales, leaving your hair protected and smooth, and is the final opportunity for you to add anything to your hair. If you skip the conditioner, your hair will become damaged and dry over time as the cortex is exposed and those cuticles are left open. If you colour your hair, an open cuticle can lead to the colour quickly fading.

We use the finest ingredients in their most concentrated form. We never compromise on our high quality standards, therefore always guaranteeing superior product performance. Our product delivers the results we promise, nothing more, nothing less. — John Curzon

So now hopefully you know a bit more about how important good, specially formulated products are to building and maintaining good hair. If you’re curious about the Merlin product range, or about your own hair’s needs, stop by the salon for a Hair Condition Analysis and book in for a 15-minute treatment before your next cut or colour. xx