Mothers Day Gift Guide: A Day Out in York

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Mothers Day is just around the corner, and we all have a special mum in our life we can celebrate this Sunday. Whether you’re a student with a small budget, you’ve got young kids and little time, or if price isn’t a concern, we’ve got a few outside-the-box ideas for you. Read on for a few options for spoiling a deserving mum in your family:

The Budget Friendly

If you and your family are on a bit of a tight budget, take advantage of the many free or low-cost ways of showing your appreciation for the special ladies in your life. There is a time and a place for extravagant gifts, and then there are times when just giving your time and energy are enough. Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

  • Gift cards — though they often get a bad rep, gift cards are great. They’re incredibly flexible — you can choose how much to load onto it and mum can choose when and on what she wants to spend it. And finally, gift cards can be just as thoughtful as anything else, as it allows the freedom to ‘splurge’ guilt-free on something.

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  • Get Crafty — sometimes the best gifts are the ones we put a bit of extra effort into. Especially fun if you’ve got young kids, try getting your hands dirty to make something special for mum — think cards, paper flowers, picture frames, a hand-written love letter or song… the only limit is your imagination. Or, you can always get around to doing those household repairs you’ve been putting off for months.

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  • Yummy Food at half the cost — restaurants and cafes will be full of people celebrating Mothers Day, and many special places can be quite pricey — especially if you want to take out the whole family. Why not try some non-traditional places, such as street vendors, or a picnic. Or, stay in and cook a nice brunch, dessert, or her favourite meal at home. Just put the kids to work helping with the clean-up.

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  • Take a Walk — while not necessarily original or overly exciting, heading outside for a stroll with your loved ones can still be very special. Exploring your surroundings with the people you love, especially if the weather turns out nice, can be a great way to spend time together. Try bringing a snack or a thermos full of hot tea and take lots of pictures to make it even more special.

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The Traditionalist

There is nothing wrong with going the traditional route for your mum for Mothers Day. It’s easy to put together, allows you to spend some quality time with your family, and is still a good way to make her feel appreciated. If you’re a traditionalist, try some of these:

  • Pampering Session — busy mums know how to look after everyone else. How about looking after her by booking her in for a relaxing morning at her favourite spa or hairdressers? Many salons offer special add-on services that can take her everyday cut or manicure up a notch to make it even more of a special occasion — think premium shellacs, head massages, or treatments.

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  • Flowers — an oldy but a goody, if you’re celebrating a traditional Mothers Day you can’t forget the flowers. Instead of finding the cheapest bouquet at your local supermarket, why not get a bespoke floral arrangement with her favourite posies, or a live plant for the garden or window sill. Another tip is to buy a nice vase or a small selection of special flowers to add to a store-bought arrangement.

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  • Local Eatery — food is a great way to tell someone that you care about them. And now it’s easier than ever, especially in a city like York, to support local businesses while also treating your family to an enjoyable meal out. Call early to make reservations at her favourite local restaurant, or bring the gang out somewhere new.

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  • Shopping Spree — the next best thing to a gift card (in my opinion) is to spend your afternoon hitting the shops with mum, treating her to something special, and carrying the bags. Try catering your choice of shops to the ones she is interested in and at your price point. Whatever she likes — books, makeup, board games, tattoos, jewelry — you can find it.

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The Maximalist

  • Makeover — a step or two up from a pamper session, this gift is for mums hankering after a new look. Best given to those who have been vocal about needing a change, do the legwork to book mum in for her new hair colour and cut, look into personal shopper services at her favourite store (Topshop do a free one), and make an appointment with the optometrist for some new frames.

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  • Subscription Services — whatever your mum’s jam — makeup, flowers, skin care, romance literature, beer, or… jam — there’s probably a subscription service that will deliver a selection of her favourite things to her doorstep over a determined interval. Think outside of the usual Good Housekeeping magazine subscription and come up with something else your mum would like to find in her post box.

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  • Afternoon Tea — for a truly memorable meal out, book a table at one of York’s finest tea rooms to give your mum the treatment she deserves. While afternoon tea can be a bit of an expense, make an experience out of it: dress in your Sunday finest and splash out on some prosecco.

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  • A Show — for an extravagant evening out, how about some tickets to a show or event that might tickle mum’s fancy. This can range from a local band to a concert at The Barbican. The key to this one is showing that you can think ahead and make plans in advance, while also getting her tickets to something she would actually watch for 2 hours.

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