John Curzon International hair wizard

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John Curzon International hair wizard

John Curzon International hair wizard Founder of Merlin Professional haircare will be visiting our salon this week. He will be giving an in-depth hair science lesson to all the staff. We believe it is so important to really understand the material that we are working with being the hair !. To have this knowledge this gives us the possibilities to really treat and repair damaged hair. John has being teaching Ross Charles for the last 23 years most of what he knows in hair science.

Merlin Professional Hair care

We are proud to be stockist of what we believe to be the best hair care product range in the world. The difference it makes to helping people with poor hair condition is unbelievable. Every day we are treating damage mainly made by poor hair care ranges that are on the market today. We are trained to advise our clients for which products to avoid which are on the mass market. We then prescribe the correct ones for the benefit of their hair needs. Targeting the actual damage is key and having the knowledge to fix it is sometimes more powerful than any other hairdressing service. We pride our selves in knowing that we have got much more to give than just a cut or colour. To be able to change the hair so it functions well for the individual clients hair desires.

Treating a models hair

John Curzon International hair wizard will demonstrate some fantastic treatment concoctions tomorrow. Thus giving extra added knowledge to the staff to perform extra special intense treatments for extremely damaged hair.

Ross Charles’s team always look forward to these hair science work shops to really set them selves apart from the rest. Most hairdressers in our industry are not interested in really knowing how to treat hair. They tend to go with the latests fancy packaging or nice smelling product and think that will do the trick, it won’t !. At Ross Charles not only do we love to treat your hair but we also love that our clients question us and let us talk about the science of what we do therefore showing that we actually care and take our clients hair seriously to achieve optimum results.