How often should you really cut your hair

Rebekah FraserNews

It is hard to know when to give us a call and book your next hair cut, especially if you’re looking for a trim. If you’re finding it hard to style the way you usually do, or noticing the ends are a little damaged, it’s time for a cut. 

The time between haircuts depends on you and your hair type and condition. You can usually see your split and damaged ends and you may feel a difference in the texture of your hair too. This is a good indication that you need to visit your hairdresser. If you notice your hair becoming brittle and dry it is important to not ignore this. Healthy hair can be impacted by damaged ends that are ignored.  

It’s not only important to consider damage when planning your hair cut, you need to think about your style too. Whether your hair is short, long, curly or straight your style will require cuts and trims at different times to keep your hair looking its best. The general advice we would give is to visit us between 4-5 weeks for short hair and 6-7 weeks for longer hair. If it is more than 8 weeks, you would require a restyle. It is best to avoid this if you are keen to maintain your current style and want to keep your hair looking fresh. This keeps your hair healthy and keeps most styles looking fresh. If you have a fringe it can be beneficial to have this trimmed every few weeks to avoid is overgrowing and appearing unkempt.  

Not only should you keep up your regular hair cuts to maintain hair health, you need to treat your hair with TLC at home too. Read our blog on Autumn/Winter haircare to ensure you’re up to speed on how best to care for your hair at home this Winter.