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With Christmas literally just around the corner, your hair may be the last thing on your mind. However, this is the time of year you should be paying a little more attention to yourself and dedicating a little time to self care. By treating your hair right, you reap the rewards. Whether you’re set for a Zoom Christmas or a traditional family day, your hair can help you look and feel like a million dollars.  

The first step to making sure your hair looks as good as it possibly can is having a trim. By cutting off the dead ends and freshening up your style, your look will be transformed. Even when you are growing your hair, this is a crucial step. If split ends are left, they can cause further damage to your hair and lead to you needing more cut off at your next appointment.  

Secondly, maintain your hair care at home. Think of the products your stylist uses on your hair at each salon visit. Do you use as many products at home? There is no reason you can’t achieve that ‘salon fresh’ feeling at home too. If there is one product we would say is a must have, it has to be heat protectant. These come in many different forms but this must be used on damp hair prior to any styling. Adding this into your hair care regime will transform the health and appearance of your hair.  

In terms of hair styling if you are planning a virtual Christmas with your loved ones, it is all about making the front of your hair look incredible. There is no point creating a nice updo at the back of your head when no one will be able to see it. Instead focus on adding volume around the front of your hair. Try a loose wave with your hair pulled forward. Or try adding a braid at one side of the front of your hair.  

If you are getting together with family or friends (within the guidelines of course), then you can be a little more experimental with your style. For a contemporary look, secure your hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck. Gently pull pieces of hair loose from the bun to give more texture and dimension. Finish with a few textured pieces of hair framing your face.  Add a jeweled hair accessory for a festive twist.  

How will you style your hair for Christmas this year?