How to become a barber

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How to become a barber

Barbering at Ross Charles hair salon in York 

New fashion trends and styles are rapidly entering into todays hairdressing industry and as a result we are beginning to see exciting new talent pushing the boundaries of this highly competitive field. No Salon is more involved in this unique take over than that of Ross Charles Hair Salon in York, a salon that stands proud along the independent businesses of the quirky and contemporary Gillygate. Specialising in top quality haircuts, colour, styling and barbering.

Barbering is fast becoming a nationwide craze and as a result is completely taking over hair shows and campaigns across the country. Male grooming is developing, and as a result Ross Charles Hair Salon is now seeking fresh talent to join its award winning team in an apprenticeship role. Learning from an art director and business owner with many years experience in the profession is key in guiding and inspiring you to achieve high goals in the professional world, as is a passion and drive to succeed. As well as Ross’s priceless insight into the industry the role will allow you to earn a competitive salary, receive a discount on top quality products within the store and have a great amount of training given to you that will boost your professional CV and credentials, making you extremely employable in your future prospects.

Ross performing a shave

Ross is performing a cut throat shave and styling hair

Also, it is important to comment on what an apprenticeship role within Ross Charles could mean when you begin to enter into competitions and attend events across the country. With Ross at your side you will have the chance to win industry awards and recognition, all of which Ross organises and prepares you for. As well as events that will take you to London and Manchester, enabling you to learn about other areas of the industry, such as professional hair products, meeting high class hairdressing talent and of course working on progressing your craft as a barber.

Committing to this field of work requires focus and hard work, but can be richly rewarding for any young professional wishing to challenge themselves or progress a passion that has yet to be put into action. Links are attached to this recruitment article where you can apply for the role here, or take a look at all Ross Charles videos on the salon’s YouTube page here which is vastly becoming a key guide for many customers to achieve key looks, as well as a sneak peak into the profession and exciting work coming up. A unique and rare opportunity to build a career for yourself within a highly credible business with an experienced mentor at your side, choose barbering today and push those boundaries!