Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to us. We are celebrating 8 years this week of being in Business !.

Thank you 

Thank you to all of our lovely clients, friends and family for all your years of support. I really appreciated all the hard work from my staff and loyalty from people around us.

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I remember 8 years ago there were so many hair salons in York therefore I knew I had to be different to stand out. For years I have been building and developing a 5 star concept which even now is getting better and better all the time. I love looking at the fine detail of what makes someone impressed with a place to go. I recognise these points and try to add them to what we are doing. Im constantly improving every aspect of the business. so by looking back over the years I can see just how far we have come. And you all helped me make that happen. Ross X


The best hair salon to go to. The best hair salon. Good hair day. Bad hair day. How to style my hair. I hate my hair and I wish I loved it.