Hair Trends You Can’t Miss for 2020!

Rebekah FraserNews

At the beginning of this year as always, the team at Ross Charles put together our trend predictions for the year in terms of hair colour, styling and cuts. No one could have foreseen the roller coaster ride 2020 has been so far and thus the trends we predicted have completely changed due to our drastic change in lifestyle and priorities. With life beginning to return to a new version of normal we have put together some of our predictions for popular styles for the latter end of this year and hope to give you some inspiration for your next appointment or at home hairstyling.  

For men’s hair, longer length has become more popular and widespread than ever before. Due to being in lockdown for almost four months it was a given that a large percentage of men would allow their hair to grow and embrace its natural length. As a result of this we are noticing lots of male clients keen to keep their length. The most popular men’s style for the remainder of 2020 is the ‘Bradley Cooper’. This style is groomed and tidy around the sides and back with a short scissor cut around your ears and towards the bottom of your hair. The hair is graded up towards the top with some length left around the face and on top of your hair. This allows you to play with the shape and create lots of different looks from this style.  

Styling tip: use a powder that will give your hair structure and shape. We recommend the Dust Matte by RC.  

For women’s hair in terms of colour we expect natural colours and palettes to remain popular. Colour is moving away from one solid block colour and towards tonal highlights and root stretches. This is great as it gives the illusion that your hair is thicker, and it requires less maintenance as your roots are somewhat disguised as they grown in. Alessandra has perfected a face framing technique which brightens your complexion and can be created on both blonde and brunette hair.  

Ladies cuts are remaining soft and natural too as we move into AW2020. Soft layers around the face with shorter pieces acting as a subtle side fringe are popular. This compliments the hairstyles that are set to be popular too as we are expecting lots of soft updo’s with strands of hair falling loose for a slightly imperfect feel. Low buns with lots of texture and boho chic ponytails are on our radar.  

Styling tip: use your curling tongs or straightening irons to create a soft beach wave and leave a little piece straight at the end of each strand for a modern finish. 

What are your trend predictions for the remainder of 2020?