5 Top Hair-Washing Tips


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Best hair salon in York Ross Charles is giving hair tips and advise. Well think that you’ve got your hair-washing technique down pat. After all, you’ve been doing it every other day or so for years and years. Can you really have been doing it wrong all this time? Well, unfortunately, the answer may well be yes. Here at the best salon in York, we often see hair that hasn’t been washed properly – so here are five top tips to help you get it right from the get-go.

Too much shampoo

Lots of you blob that shampoo out and add more until your head is completely covered in bubbles. In actual fact, you only really need a small amount (about the size of a 2p piece) and you can work this into your hair to really get it clean. Do it once, rinse and repeat for the perfect hair wash every time.


How much conditioner you use should depend on what kind of hair you have. If it’s really fine, you can get away without using any or just doing the ends, while if it’s thick, using a lot of conditioner will really help. Always make sure that you rinse your hair properly before you condition so the product can really do its job.

Low Ph Shampoo

It it vital that you use a low Ph Shampoo. Yes acidic Shampoo of around 4-5.5 PH is so important (and even lower ph for conditioners/sealers. A higher PH than this will swell and de-keritinise your hair. Infant any thing above 6.9 PH. Many shampoos claim to have a low PH but still function as an alkaline and create damage to your hair.

How can I tell which are bad and good ? its very difficult with out trial and error. Here at Ross Charles we have tried so many products and in our opinion nothing has beaten what we have available in salon and we can also supply to our clients so they can take all these great low PH products home too therefore eliminating the risk of damage to the hair. Click here to view the Merlin Low ph products in our shop.

Scalp yourself

Apply your shampoo to the scalp of your head and avoid piling your hair up to get it covered in product. You’ll end up with lots of knots this way. You can clean the ends by working the shampoo from the top of your head down the strands until it’s all done.

Cold water rinse

You don’t need to do this all the time (and you’ll probably skip it in winter), but rinsing your hair at the end in cold water will help to close the cuticles and keep your hair well moisturised.