4 Top Hairstyle Apps Just For You


If you want to have the best hair in York, then as well as coming to Ross Charles for your next cut and blow dry you should also make good use of your smartphone. As they say, there’s an app for that! Here are four hairstyle apps to help you look your best.

InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

Looking to celebrities for inspiration is always a good idea if you want a fresh new look. This app comes with more than 500 styles to pick from and will match your face shape to a celebrity’s to help you find the right look for you.

Hair Colour Booth

Want a new colour for your hair but aren’t sure if it’ll look good? This app can solve all your hair dilemmas, with realist colouring, a sliding tab selector and the option to share on social media so you can gauge public opinion without having to dye your hair first.

Schwarzkopf Hair App

This app will give you expert advice on colouring, care and styling so you can work out how best to manage your particular hair type. It’s been created by the Schwarzkopf hair experts so you know you’re in safe hands.

HairStyle Mirror

Use the front camera on your phone to see what you look like with different styles. You can also find out what hair styles are most popular in your particular country and try out different styles for special occasions like your prom or that upcoming wedding that you’re not sure how to wear your hair for. Perfect!