Hair By Ross Charles in York

Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot | Yorkshire Post Magazine

Take a Look Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot | Yorkshire Post Magazine

Our Team were asked by The Yorkshire Post Magazine to go and do the hair for a fabulous fashion shoot. Our hair team was headed by Ruben and assisted by Kennedy. Ross also went down not to do hair this time but to interview and get some new about the day. In 2018 we will start to see a lot more activity on our YouTube Cannel as our growing popularity is asking us not only for the Tips and tricks but a real day time T.V feel to out productions. 

The shoot was held at the York Grand Hotel which is an elegant 5 star accommodation in the centre of York only a few minutes from the train station. Browns Department Store Supplied the beautiful clothes, Moda in Pelle for the shoes and Ash Fearners who did fantastic Make-up. 

Here is the Magazine 

Hair By Ross Charles in York

Yorkshire Post Magazine . Hair By Ross Charles in York

Have a look here 

Youtube link to Ross Charles

Youtube link to Ross Charles

 for a link to the YouTube Film we made of the day ! 

The actual shots were taken in locations all over this beautiful setting of a hotel. If you haven’t been we suggest you take a visit.

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Subscribe to Ross Charles YouTube Channel Its Free

Written By Oliver Tierney 

Hair by Ross Charles

Go Metallic this Party Season!

The party season has arrived, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than a brand new look. The UK may seem chilly during these winter months, but fashion cannot not simply be centred around sunny beaches and rose scented fields. These bitterly cold days are a chance to experiment, be creative, push personal boundaries and refresh your look for the new year. There is no better way to start than with your hair, remove those ear muffs and lumberjack inspired hats and show off your party look for the seasonal celebrations that are fast approaching.
Colour specialist and salon director Alessandra Ferrara discusses some exciting new styles very much in this season, and takes us into the incredibly trendy world of metallic. ‘Low commitment, high shine and a shimmer to get you in the party spirit’, it is clear this futuristic and quirky new colour pallet is the best this winter has to offer. Most would consider colouring ones hair silver, gold, rose gold or even pink a big step, and one that would require a lot of work and money to sustain. Alessandra reveals that with the right toners applied to the hair and a good working set of products bought can stand you in good stead to achieve that all important party look, but knowing that if you so choose to return to your own natural hair colour then you can by simply growing the hair out. As a result the metallic colour will fade, but you can be sure that when you go metallic you will be more than happy with the mind blowing results.
Of course, finding the right metallic based colour for you requires a keen eye and skilled touch, both that are very much achievable at Ross Charles hair salon in York. Being party ready is something Alessandra likes to deliver to all of her clients hair, making them feel fresh and confident in their new look.

Check out our front cover of Estetica USA this month with a gorgeous metallic pink. Hair by Ross Charles for the All tomorrow’s Parties Collection   

Hair By Ross Charles

Short Metallic Pink haircut by Ross Charles for the front Cover of Estetica USA

With years of experience in the field Alessandra is happy to share her expertise with you and discuss your needs over a consultation in the salon. Guiding you through the best products and treatments on offer, one of which is sold within the Ross Charles salon. Sojourn, an incredibly respected name within the hard care industry, is on hand at the York salon and with either the volume or moisture shampoo and conditioner at your disposal you will find your hair is not only keeping your colour fresher for longer, but revitalising and adding texture to your hair.
Christmas parties and New Years celebrations are a given and good hair is a must, so show off to your friends and let them know that if you want your hair as stylish as your own visit the Ross Charles hair salon. Ross’s dedicated and award winning team, along with a great selection of in house products, will see your metallic dreams come true.

How to become a barber

How to become a barber

Barbering at Ross Charles hair salon in York 

New fashion trends and styles are rapidly entering into todays hairdressing industry and as a result we are beginning to see exciting new talent pushing the boundaries of this highly competitive field. No Salon is more involved in this unique take over than that of Ross Charles Hair Salon in York, a salon that stands proud along the independent businesses of the quirky and contemporary Gillygate. Specialising in top quality haircuts, colour, styling and barbering.

Barbering is fast becoming a nationwide craze and as a result is completely taking over hair shows and campaigns across the country. Male grooming is developing, and as a result Ross Charles Hair Salon is now seeking fresh talent to join its award winning team in an apprenticeship role. Learning from an art director and business owner with many years experience in the profession is key in guiding and inspiring you to achieve high goals in the professional world, as is a passion and drive to succeed. As well as Ross’s priceless insight into the industry the role will allow you to earn a competitive salary, receive a discount on top quality products within the store and have a great amount of training given to you that will boost your professional CV and credentials, making you extremely employable in your future prospects.

Ross performing a shave

Ross is performing a cut throat shave and styling hair

Also, it is important to comment on what an apprenticeship role within Ross Charles could mean when you begin to enter into competitions and attend events across the country. With Ross at your side you will have the chance to win industry awards and recognition, all of which Ross organises and prepares you for. As well as events that will take you to London and Manchester, enabling you to learn about other areas of the industry, such as professional hair products, meeting high class hairdressing talent and of course working on progressing your craft as a barber.

Committing to this field of work requires focus and hard work, but can be richly rewarding for any young professional wishing to challenge themselves or progress a passion that has yet to be put into action. Links are attached to this recruitment article where you can apply for the role here, or take a look at all Ross Charles videos on the salon’s YouTube page here which is vastly becoming a key guide for many customers to achieve key looks, as well as a sneak peak into the profession and exciting work coming up. A unique and rare opportunity to build a career for yourself within a highly credible business with an experienced mentor at your side, choose barbering today and push those boundaries!

Men’s Hairdresser of The Year 2017 nominee

Men’s Hairdresser of The Year 2017 nominee 

Ross Charles is on his way to potentially winning an other award this year in the British Hairdressing Awards. A BHA finalist for a second year in a row. Ross is one of 6 finalists out of the whole of the U.K to get to this incredible achievement. The collection will be first seen in the British Hairdressing Awards Gallery in London in October and finally inspire hairdressers globally for the forthcoming year in mens hair fashion. 

Finalists for Best Local Salon 2017 !

Finalists for Best Local Salon 2017 !

Finalists for Best Local Salon 2017 !

We are so proud to tell you all that we are 1 of 6 finalist from all over the U.K ! Nominated Best Local Salon 2017 in the Salon Business Awards 2017 !!

Already we are rated No.1 Best salon in York, rated by TreeBestRated but if we could win this too it would be amazing !! 

Thank you to all of our team and wonderful clients !! 

Ross and Alessandra x

Man with a beard looks over his left shoulder

4 Tips for Better Beard Care

At least half of the Earth’s population has the potential to grow a beard or moustache. You’d think with 50% of people capable of it, proper facial hair care would be common knowledge. Yet we often see folks come in with all manner of beard care practices — good, bad, and ugly. Whether you’ve got a lot or a little (and whether that’s by nature or by choice), here are Ross’s ultimate tips for keeping your facial hair healthy and happy.

  1. Invest in the tools

    Whether you’re trimming it or shaving it off, investing in the right tools will make a world of difference for your face fuzz. Cheap trimmers can pull or damage the hairs and skin, while dull or cheap razors can cause ingrown hairs or infections. Using poor quality shaving soap or foam will also give shoddy results. Get the best tools and products you can afford, and be sure to keep them in good repair. Clean them after every use, and don’t be afraid to replace them as soon as you notice them start to fail.

  2. Don’t fear the comb

    Never underestimate the benefit of daily grooming. Not only will a decent sort out make whatever you’re working with appear fuller and more orderly, you will also be helping to ‘train’ your hairs to grow in the direction you want them to. This means less styling time, a tash that stays out of your mouth, and eventually less ingrown hairs! Daily combing will also help distribute moisture and oils more evenly throughout your beard, which means a healthier, better conditioned beard.

  3. Good beard care is good skin care, too

    Speaking of oils, investing in a good quality beard oil will ensure that you have the most glorious beard around. Not only will it condition your beard hair, making it soft and pliable (but still manly), it will also keep the sensitive skin under your beard in good condition, while also acting as a styling product. And while we’re on the topic, you can’t expect to have a beautiful, healthy beard if your skin is spotty and scaly underneath. Avoid ingrown hairs and beard dandruff by exfoliating and moisturizing the skin around your beard (including your neck).

  4. Lather, rinse, repeat

    There is a bit of a debate about how and how often, you should be washing your beard. Some suggest daily (or every time you shower), while others say never use shampoo. Using a good shampoo and conditioner can improve a dry, hard-to-manage beard if that’s what you’re facing. If you’re wanting to try it, a good rule of thumb is to shampoo it 1-2 times per week, and condition it daily (or whenever you shower). It’s important to clear out all of the food, sweat, and products, but it’s just as vital to ensure it’s hydrated, so you will want to avoid over-cleansing.

Over a few weeks or months, you will notice your beard becoming more soft, pliable, and overall easier to manage. Don’t take your foot off the pedal! Keep going with the daily grooming and you will have great facial hair for life.

So there you have it — 4 tips for better beard care. Will you be trying some of these tips? What’s your top beard care tip? Be sure to let us know! xx



Introducing the new in-salon temporary colouring range just in time for summer — L’Oreal #COLORFULHAIR!

We’ve got 8 brilliant new shades that you can intermix to create thousands of bespoke looks. These products are ammonia-free, and only need to develop for up to 20 minutes!

Mix a few shades together, or diffuse it for a more pastel effect. With so much versatility, we can guarantee that no one else will be sporting colour quite like yours. Use with L’Oreal Smartbond to maximize vibrancy and shine.

The possibilities are endless — rainbow plaits, oil slick fringe, pastel ombre, mermaid locks… You’ll be set for your summer festival, wedding, or holiday. And since it’s temporary, you’ll still look presentable when you get back to the office on Monday.

Tone it up and create a vibrant pop of colour, or tone it down and find your pastel personality.


#COLORFULHAIR lasts up to 15 shampoos*, so it’s perfect for keeping up with the trends, without a ton of maintenance. You will need a skin test with these products at least 48-hours before your appointment, so be sure to book with plenty of time.

Alessandra used these products for her entry into the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Back Stage Semi-Finals in Leeds in April. Take a look below for a glimpse at the results:

Model with pink hair coloured using L'Oreal #COLORFULHAIR

Before: model Sartoria came to us with home-made orange hair After: Alessandra gave her a 2-toned pink look using the L’Oreal #COLORFULHAIR range

*only a guideline. Durability may depend on a number of factors. Be sure to discuss what you can do to extend the life of your colour with your colourist during your appointment.

Jennifer Lawrence smiling with ice blonde hair

Hair Trend: Ice Blonde

The past few years have seen exciting and bold trends when it comes to hair colour. Now it’s more common than ever to see smoky grey, metallic pastels, emerald green, vivid rainbows, or even rock-inspired colours on all sorts of cuts and styles. And of course our favourite Hollywood stars are leading the charge, debuting their new looks left, right, and centre.

A great new trend we’re noticing is ice-blonde on shorter, edgier cuts. Pioneered by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Pink, and Jennifer Lawrence, this cool trend is heating up for spring.

Recently, Cara Delevingne arrived at Paris Fashion Week with a new bold look to add to her history of bold looks — a bright, icy blonde bob. The actress, top model, activist, spokeswoman, and new novelist (!!) has become known as a trailblazer of ‘quirky beauty’. Many attribute the re-birth of the strong brow to Cara’s naturally striking brows. And she’s kept a naturally dark brow while rocking bright-to-the-point-of-white locks.

Cara Delevingne with ice blonde hair.

Cara Delevingne at Paris Fashion Week 2017 with a platinum bob. (Getty Images)


Actress Kristen Stewart has also embraced the short, bleach-blonde look. Her platinum buzz cut is reportedly part of her portrayal for a new role, and she has dubbed the new ‘do as ‘practical’ (fair enough). The buzz cut is just the latest in the star’s ever evolving beauty; from girl-next-door fresh, to glam-Goth, and now to platinum bad ass, no one can say that she sticks to a signature look.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart at the premier of her new film Personal Shopper with a blonde buzz cut. (Getty Images)


Whichever works best for you — long and flowing or short and cropped — achieving an ice blonde look can take quite a bit of time and prep work, especially if you want to preserve the quality and health of your hair. Be sure to book in for a free consultation with one of our colourists before you make your appointment for your next big change.

Merlin Guide: Intro to Merlin

Welcome to Part 1 in our Merlin Guide. Today we will be introducing you to our personal favourite hair care brand, Merlin by Curzon International. Stay tuned for next week’s post, where we will be teaching you how to wash your hair using these products.

Great hair is good science. You may not think of it, but in order to give a customer his or her best hair cut or colour, it is important to know the structure of hair, what angle to cut it at, the ratio of tint to peroxide, the salt content of hair, the pH level of your shampoos… and all of that is science.

Merlin is a UK-based brand created by a hairdresser for hairdressers who value the science of great hair. Each product in the Merlin range has been carefully crafted by owner and ‘International Hair Wizard’, John Curzon. They address your individual hair concerns, using the latest in science and art. Whether your hair is dry, weak, chemically damaged, limp, or you’re dealing with scalp issues, there is a Merlin product to help you re-build, re-strengthen, and repair your hair.

At Ross Charles we carry three types of products from the Merlin range: shampoos, treatments, and conditioners. Each bottle has been formulated for a specific purpose and intensity — to moisturize, to re-build, or to strengthen. But even though each bottle has its particular purpose, all ingredients are natural, organic, and low on the pH scale — all very important to maintain healthy feeling and looking hair.


Shampoos remove the dirt, oil, styling products, etc., that have built up on your scalp and hair since your last shampoo. During that process, it also opens the hair cuticle, the scaly outer layer of your hair that surrounds the core of your hair. When selecting a shampoo, it is important to find one that has a low pH, that is silicone-free and filler-free, and that is specially suited to your hair type.


Treatments are an optional step used in between the shampoo and the conditioner that many people forget or don’t think that they need. The word ‘treatment’ can mean many different things, and has been used to describe everything from intense conditioners to the many oils, elixirs, and procedures designed to improve your hair. Merlin treatments work on the inside of your hair to repair any damage or deficiency — that is why they must be used after the shampoo but before the conditioner, when the cuticle is open to allow the treatment to enter the cortex.


Conditioners (called sealers in the Merlin line) are the final step in your hair washing routine. It works by sealing those cuticle scales, leaving your hair protected and smooth, and is the final opportunity for you to add anything to your hair. If you skip the conditioner, your hair will become damaged and dry over time as the cortex is exposed and those cuticles are left open. If you colour your hair, an open cuticle can lead to the colour quickly fading.

We use the finest ingredients in their most concentrated form. We never compromise on our high quality standards, therefore always guaranteeing superior product performance. Our product delivers the results we promise, nothing more, nothing less. — John Curzon

So now hopefully you know a bit more about how important good, specially formulated products are to building and maintaining good hair. If you’re curious about the Merlin product range, or about your own hair’s needs, stop by the salon for a Hair Condition Analysis and book in for a 15-minute treatment before your next cut or colour. xx

Intro to Washing Your Hair graphic

Merlin Guide: Intro to Hair Washing

Welcome to Part 2 in our Merlin Guide. This time we will be teaching you how to use your Merlin products to achieve the best possible results. Stay tuned for the next post, where we will be teaching you how the shampoos actually work. If you missed Part 1, where we gave an introduction to the Merlin brand, be sure to catch it here.

You may be looking at the length of this article and wondering who in the world has time for ALL THESE STEPS. But don’t worry, a lot of this stuff is stuff you are probably already doing, and have been doing since you were five years old. As you read, think about the small adjustments you can make to your hair washing routine so that you are maximizing your great hair, and minimizing damage and stress that can lead to ‘bad’ hair.

STEP 1: The First Cleanse

  • Pour your first shampoo into your hand — no larger than a 10p coin — and lather between your palms.
  • Apply to your scalp, paying attention to every part of your head. If you have long hair you may need to lift your hair to get the product onto your scalp.
  • Using your fingertips, gently but firmly rub the product around your whole scalp. Any lather that runs down your hair can be used to cleanse the lengths and ends. Keep your movements gentle but firm, as scratching or pulling may damage your scalp or hair. It is normal that you don’t see many (or any) bubbles as this first cleanse starts to lift the oils on your scalp (think of what an oily pot does to the bubbles in your kitchen sink).
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water.

STEP 2: The Second Cleanse

  • Repeat Step 1. You may notice more lather this time, since you have hopefully rinsed away a lot of the oils and dirt during the first cleanse.

STEP 4: The (Optional) Treatment

  • Use your towel or hands to squeeze out as much moisture as you can. Be careful not to wring or rub the hair too much.
  • Apply your treatment to your hair. Again, be sure to get the product through as much of your hair as you can.
    • Treatment sprays can be applied directly to the hair; make sure to use as many pumps as you need to saturate the hair.
    • Treatment in a tube or tub can be rubbed between the palms before applying; again be sure to use only a small 20-p coin-sized amount.
  • Leave for up to 15 minutes, or as long as prescribed; any longer will not necessarily give better results.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

STEP 5: The Sealing

  • Use your towel or hands to squeeze out the moisture.
  • Apply a 20-p coin-sized amount of conditioner to the lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding the root area.
  • Leave for 2-5 minutes.
  • Comb the conditioner through, starting at the roots and going down to the ends of the hair. This will help to deposit conditioner to the roots without over-conditioning your scalp and adding unnecessary weight.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
Some Other Things to Note
  • Historically, people were warned against washing their hair daily; they feared they were stripping away natural oils, drying out their hair. While using the wrong products in excess can certainly lead to damage, new research has revealed that daily washing or cleansing away a build-up of oil doesn’t necessarily lead to an unbalanced scalp. When in doubt, go with your what your hair says and clean it when it needs it.
  • It is important to shampoo your scalp more than once every time you wash your hair. The first cleanse lifts all of the oil, pollution, sweat, styling products, etc. that have built up over the day(s) since your last cleanse. Think of it like cleaning a floor covered with lots of mud, grease, and crumbs — you wouldn’t go right in with a mop and consider it clean, you would take the time to sweep up the debris before mopping, maybe even doing a second mop if needed.
  • If you don’t wash your hair daily, or your hair is exceptionally grimy that day, you may need a third (or fourth) additional cleanse in order to get your hair to its cleanest. You will know if your second cleanse has littler lather and you can still feel residue on your scalp.

Mothers Day Gift Guide: A Day Out in York

Mothers Day is just around the corner, and we all have a special mum in our life we can celebrate this Sunday. Whether you’re a student with a small budget, you’ve got young kids and little time, or if price isn’t a concern, we’ve got a few outside-the-box ideas for you. Read on for a few options for spoiling a deserving mum in your family:

The Budget Friendly

If you and your family are on a bit of a tight budget, take advantage of the many free or low-cost ways of showing your appreciation for the special ladies in your life. There is a time and a place for extravagant gifts, and then there are times when just giving your time and energy are enough. Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

  • Gift cards — though they often get a bad rep, gift cards are great. They’re incredibly flexible — you can choose how much to load onto it and mum can choose when and on what she wants to spend it. And finally, gift cards can be just as thoughtful as anything else, as it allows the freedom to ‘splurge’ guilt-free on something.

Try: Ross Charles gift cards

  • Get Crafty — sometimes the best gifts are the ones we put a bit of extra effort into. Especially fun if you’ve got young kids, try getting your hands dirty to make something special for mum — think cards, paper flowers, picture frames, a hand-written love letter or song… the only limit is your imagination. Or, you can always get around to doing those household repairs you’ve been putting off for months.

Try: DIY Ombre Calendar

  • Yummy Food at half the cost — restaurants and cafes will be full of people celebrating Mothers Day, and many special places can be quite pricey — especially if you want to take out the whole family. Why not try some non-traditional places, such as street vendors, or a picnic. Or, stay in and cook a nice brunch, dessert, or her favourite meal at home. Just put the kids to work helping with the clean-up.

Try: SORTEDFood YouTube Channel

  • Take a Walk — while not necessarily original or overly exciting, heading outside for a stroll with your loved ones can still be very special. Exploring your surroundings with the people you love, especially if the weather turns out nice, can be a great way to spend time together. Try bringing a snack or a thermos full of hot tea and take lots of pictures to make it even more special.

Try: York City Walls

The Traditionalist

There is nothing wrong with going the traditional route for your mum for Mothers Day. It’s easy to put together, allows you to spend some quality time with your family, and is still a good way to make her feel appreciated. If you’re a traditionalist, try some of these:

  • Pampering Session — busy mums know how to look after everyone else. How about looking after her by booking her in for a relaxing morning at her favourite spa or hairdressers? Many salons offer special add-on services that can take her everyday cut or manicure up a notch to make it even more of a special occasion — think premium shellacs, head massages, or treatments.

Try: Ross Charles Conditioning Treatment + Blow Dry

  • Flowers — an oldy but a goody, if you’re celebrating a traditional Mothers Day you can’t forget the flowers. Instead of finding the cheapest bouquet at your local supermarket, why not get a bespoke floral arrangement with her favourite posies, or a live plant for the garden or window sill. Another tip is to buy a nice vase or a small selection of special flowers to add to a store-bought arrangement.

Try: Wards the Florist, 6 Clifford Street, York

  • Local Eatery — food is a great way to tell someone that you care about them. And now it’s easier than ever, especially in a city like York, to support local businesses while also treating your family to an enjoyable meal out. Call early to make reservations at her favourite local restaurant, or bring the gang out somewhere new.

Try: El Piano for lunch, and Crumbs Cupcakery for dessert

  • Shopping Spree — the next best thing to a gift card (in my opinion) is to spend your afternoon hitting the shops with mum, treating her to something special, and carrying the bags. Try catering your choice of shops to the ones she is interested in and at your price point. Whatever she likes — books, makeup, board games, tattoos, jewelry — you can find it.

Try: York Designer Outlet

The Maximalist

  • Makeover — a step or two up from a pamper session, this gift is for mums hankering after a new look. Best given to those who have been vocal about needing a change, do the legwork to book mum in for her new hair colour and cut, look into personal shopper services at her favourite store (Topshop do a free one), and make an appointment with the optometrist for some new frames.

Try: Book a consultation with Ross Charles Colour Specialist Director, Alessandra (a skin test may be required)

  • Subscription Services — whatever your mum’s jam — makeup, flowers, skin care, romance literature, beer, or… jam — there’s probably a subscription service that will deliver a selection of her favourite things to her doorstep over a determined interval. Think outside of the usual Good Housekeeping magazine subscription and come up with something else your mum would like to find in her post box.

Try: Pact Coffee

  • Afternoon Tea — for a truly memorable meal out, book a table at one of York’s finest tea rooms to give your mum the treatment she deserves. While afternoon tea can be a bit of an expense, make an experience out of it: dress in your Sunday finest and splash out on some prosecco.

Try: The Countess of York Afternoon Tea at the National Railway Museum

  • A Show — for an extravagant evening out, how about some tickets to a show or event that might tickle mum’s fancy. This can range from a local band to a concert at The Barbican. The key to this one is showing that you can think ahead and make plans in advance, while also getting her tickets to something she would actually watch for 2 hours.

Try: The York Theatre Royal

The Importance of a Skin Test

A skin test is a must for every colour customer. Our customers’ health and comfort are our first priority; doing a colour service without a skin test would put our customers at risk, which we will never do.

This doesn’t mean that we use volatile products known to harm our customers — quite the opposite actually. However there is risk associated with any chemical service, and as members of the National Hairdressers’ Federation, we are committed to a code of practice that includes ensuring we are performing every service safely and within NHF guidelines.

What is a Skin Test?

The purpose of a skin test is to determine if a customer will have a reaction to the products or ingredients used during a colour appointment. A skin test is performed by a qualified hairdresser or colourist in the salon. It only takes 2-5 minutes, though most customers choose to do it as part of their colour consultation. It must be done at least 2 days before your first colour appointment.

The test consists of:

  • answering questions about the health and condition of your scalp and skin
  • answering questions about your hair colouring history
  • application of product to your skin the product must be left on your skin without interference for 48 hours. If you know you need to go swimming or wash the area in that time, please take this into consideration before planning a time for your skin test
  • filling out your NHF Colour Record Card

If you notice redness, rash, swelling, or pain, wash the area thoroughly with water and let us know. If you experience a severe reaction, such as blistering, bleeding, or swelling or itching in the throat, consult your GP straight away.

Do I Need a Skin Test?

Every customer who gets colour done needs a skin test; this must be performed at least 48 hours before your appointment, as any reactions may take up to 48 hours to appear.

Now saying that, there may be exceptions — perhaps if the colourist will be using bleach only — however we advise a skin test for all customers, just to be safe. Client records are not shared between salons, so unfortunately we won’t be able to call up your last hairdresser to request your last skin test results.

Do I Need One Every Time?

If you get your hair coloured regularly at the same salon with the same products, you probably won’t need to have a new test done each time. The results can be valid for up to a year, so we will keep your record card secure at our salon and let you know when it’s time to re-test.

If you’re already a colour customer, you may need an early skin test if:

  • it’s been more than 6 months since your last colour
  • you’ve taken certain medications since your last colour
  • you have had a tattoo, henna, or permanent makeup since your last colour
  • you are changing brand or colouring product

Sometimes companies reformulate their products, or we may change the brand we use. Even if it’s something you’ve been exposed to regularly, you may develop a sensitivity to it over time. Certain medications or procedures can increase the risk of developing an allergy to colourants, so we are always sure to ask about them before we start your next colour.


All About L’Oreal Smartbond

Gone are the days when colouring our hair meant we had to accept the consequences — weak, dry, unhealthy hair. Introducing L’Oreal Smartbond — a product we use to help keep our customer’s hair strong, healthy, and happy during and after a colour service. 

Protect your hair while colouring. Add Smartbond for softer, stronger, shinier hair. Smartbond is our new generation bond strengthening system that has been specifically formulated to work in synergy with our pre-lightener and colour products. It is a two-step process which allows the colourist to protect the hair & prevent damage during a technical service. — L’Oreal

How Does Smartbond Work?

Your hair’s colour comes from pigments found at the centre of your hair shaft (the cortex). It is protected by the hard outer layer of your hair (the cuticle). Typically, bleach or tints work by opening the cuticle and depositing colour-changing chemicals into the cortex. When this happens these chemicals can create holes in the cuticle as it opens up, and also break apart the protein bonds in the cortex. Repeated colouring can cause even more damage as these bonds are opened and interfered with again and again.

Smartbond is added to the colour before application. When the colour is applied to your hair, it gets to work, strengthening the natural bonds in your hair, and taking some of the damage itself.

Does Smartbond Change the Colour?

In short, no, Smartbond doesn’t interfere with the way your colour looks. If you’ve been having your hair coloured for years, you won’t need to change anything.

However without any help from Smartbond, colour can sometimes look uneven as damaged hair may not take colour as well as it could.

Does Smartbond Add Any Time to the Appointment?

Smartbond is a system with at least 2 steps.  First we add the Smartbond Additive into the colour before we apply it to your hair, then develop as normal.

Second, we add a Smartbond Pre-Shampoo at the basin during the hair wash. This second step must process for 10 extra minutes before shampooing as normal.

An optional third step is the at-home conditioner, which you can use every day to prolong the effects and continue to strengthen your hair.

Who Should Use Smartbond?

Anyone undergoing a chemical service should use Smartbond.

If it is your first time colouring or toning your hair, it will limit the damage, leave you with softer, stronger, and healthier hair than you started with, and will get you closer to your perfect result.

If you regularly colour your hair, it will prevent further damage to the hair that has already been coloured and will protect and strengthen the new growth. As your hair grows you will notice the difference more and more as you continue to use it at every colour appointment.

Smartbond isn’t reserved for huge colour transformations either. While customers going from brown to pink will definitely feel the benefits, if you’re booked in for your 6-week root touch-up or some Tiger Eye colour you will still walk away with amazing hair.

Alessandra and Ruben use L’Oreal Smartbond on model Cara.

What do you think? Will you be adding Smartbond to your next colour service?

Hair Trend: Tiger Eye Colour

Tiger eye colour: Marie Claire has hailed it as THE hair colour for 2017, set to match the likes of the ombre and balayage as the go-to hair colour trend. InStyle has described it as the perfect transitional colour to bring you into the lightness and sweetness of summer. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen have shown off their tiger eye-inspired locks on red carpets and social media. Are you ready to try the new favourite hair colour for 2017?

What is Tiger Eye Colour?

No, we’re not suggesting we add white, black, and orange stripes to your hair. Instead, we would add bits of gold, brown, and caramel through the lengths and ends of darker hair. This adds warmth, dimension, and intensity to what can be an otherwise flat colour palette.

Tiger eye gets its name from the tiger eye stone, which contains a mixture of browns and golds. In some cultures, the stone represents healing, balance, and protection against evil. Bonus!

Why Should I Try It?

Tiger eye is a perfect transitional colour to take you out of winter and into the warmer months. Starting with a deep base means that you won’t look to out of place while we wait for spring to spring, and your hair won’t lighten too much on its own without strong sunshine to bleach it. The placement of the different lighter tones mean you won’t have to completely overhaul your hair once you’re ready to start adding more lightness to it come summertime. All-in-all, it’s as low-maintenance as the ombre and balayage, but will give your hair a fresh update ready to greet the sun.

Who Should Try It?

Tiger eye is a form of highlighting, so naturally would look great for people with mid-length to long hair. However people with shorter hair can also rock this trend! Just be sure to book in with a colourist who is skilled at colour placement to avoid a patchy or striped look.

Folks starting out with a darker base would find it easiest to give this trend a try. However if you’ve got lighter colour and want to venture to the dark side too, book in for a consultation with a colourist before making your appointment. And no matter what you’re starting with, always be sure to ask about adding a colour protecting additive such as L’Oreal’s Smartbond or Merlin Colour Protect.

What do you think? Will you be one of the first to try out this new hair trend? Call in to book a free consultation with one of our colourists today! xx

Welcome to Matt: Our New Style Director

If you managed to catch our recruitment video last month, you will have seen we’ve been on the lookout for some incredible people to join our team. We have had dozens of fantastic applicants, and we will continue to search for the next apprentices, barbers, and stylists to work alongside us at 82 Gillygate. (Side note: if you would still like to apply for a position, you can still do so on our We’re Hiring page.)

In the meantime, we’d like to welcome Matt to the Ross Charles family as our new Style Director. Matt is a former Art Director with twenty years experience in hairdressing. We expect he will fit right into the salon and continue our dedication to great quality, service, and style. Please check our updated price list for his rates. Matt will work full-time hours and his first day with us was on Tuesday, 14 February – the day of LOVE, so make sure you come show Matt some love and say ‘hi’ when you visit.

As a Style Director, Matt will help Ross and the other stylists to take the salon to the next level, offering ladies and men’s cuts and styling. He is also very experienced with the creation of collections, styling photo-shoots, designing looks for the catwalk, and training other young stylists. We are looking forward to the added knowledge, range, and depth of skill he will add to our already talented team. He is sure to be a fierce addition to our squad come competition time!

Until further notice, Matt will not be offering colour services; we are pleased to have our Colour Specialist Director, Alessandra, if you require technical colour services, or Senior Stylist, Ruben, for other colour services.

If you would like to book in with Matt, be sure to give us a ring at 01904 621122, or stop by to make an appointment and meet Matt in person.

Until then, happy hair days to all! xx

Happy Valentines Day

Who are you spending this Valentines Day with?

Ah, the dreaded Day of Love. For generations, 14 February was an occasion full of stress and concern. Young children wrote out Valentineses for their classmates and agonized over whether or not they’d get any in return. Teenagers worried that they’d be the only one without a date to the Valentines dance. Spouses stressed trying to score the biggest bouquet and a table at the chicest restaurant in town. Being single around this time of year felt a bit like you were missing out on something more than just a significant other (love, purpose, self-worth…). Only a quick scroll through my Netflix queue under the Rom-Com category shows me that those attitudes still play on the social psyche.

However we’re slowly seeing a change in how we approach Valentines Day. Many people refuse to take it seriously, recognizing it as a bit of cheeky fun – an opportunity to be silly with those close to us and indulge in a bit of cheesiness. Even some romantic couples choose to ignore the day, opting instead to view every day as The Day of Love outside of 14 Feb. Cards, flowers, and chocolates are no longer a must-do; instead couples find a way to celebrate that is right for their relationship, and individuals who don’t have a partner to spend the day with are no longer left traumatized by loneliness.

In general, we are realizing that the most important relationship in our lives is the one we have with ourselves. Just take a look at some of the latest trends and you’ll see it’s cool to love yourself these days (#selfie #minimalism #ootd #mindfulness #tbt #yolo). Times are indeed a-changing! It is now acceptable to spend the 14th of February with a romantic partner, a family member, good mates, your cat, a box set of The Game of Thrones… whatever your activity, as long as you’re surrounded by love, bring it on!

So what’s with the history lesson? Yes, we are still a hair salon. No, we aren’t love gurus (professionally, anyway). But we are in the business of self-improvement, self-reflection, self-care, and self-love. When we have a customer in our chair we are treated to the parts of themselves that they love and want to flaunt, and the parts they’re insecure about. We trade in beauty and good self esteem; if you don’t feel good about your appearance, it can be tough to be sat in front of a big mirror, wet hair matted down to your scalp, bright lights illuminating your features and a stranger touching your face. We care about our customers, and get to know many of them very well. If they’re not interested in taking care of themselves, we are quite frankly out of a job.

And what can be more in the spirit of Valentines Day than loving yourself? How do we show those we love that we care about them? Through spending time, effort, and maybe a bit of money (optional). So come and see us this month. Or, better yet, help the one(s) you love to love themselves a little bit more by buying them a gift card or booking them in for that appointment they’ve been putting off for weeks. If nothing else, it’s been about 8 weeks since Christmas, and they may be ready for a trim anyway. And if you’re booking in on the Day of Love itself, you can claim a 25% discount with our new Style Director, Matt. Happy Valentines Day from us!

What do you think? If you could give something to your favourite person what would you give them?